Our Board


Rebecca Millen – Chair

Rebecca Millen is the current Chair of the Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA and has been involved with with ODAT as a volunteer since its establishment in 2009. Rebecca has a double degree in education and social work and currently works as a social worker with the WA State Government.  

As a qualified social worker, Rebecca brings many skills to ODAT, together with a very specific knowledge base that proves to be very valuable to an organisation such as ODAT.  Rebecca also has a strong background in working with Aboriginal communities and other minority groups, many of who are on dialysis and/or are currently waiting for organ transplant.

Rebecca hopes that her skills will be valuable in facilitating increased engagement strategies particularly with the Aboriginal community and through her social work networks, also hopes to investigate the potential for the expansion of current support services for WA donor families.

Simone McMahon - Founder & Executive Director

Since becoming a transplant recipient in 1993, Simone embarked on a mission to raise awareness in the community about the need for organ and tissue donation. Simone also went on to university and graduated in 2003 with a bachelor of laws degree at the age of 21. 

In 2007 she was awarded the 3000th Winston Churchill Fellowship which allowed her to travel to the US, UK and Spain to identify international models of Organ and Tissue donation and assess promotion strategies that provide support to transplant recipients, donor families and living donors. Additionally Simone was awarded 2008 WA Young Australian of the Year.

Simone also serves on numerous management boards and executive committees at both State and National level. 

Kylee Miller – Director

Kylee Miller is passionate about organ donation as a means for both giving service in your community for the fit and healthy and supporting those who need transplants. She has been on the organ donor list since she was 18 and has always been a supporter of organ donation. 

Kylee joined the Board to support the ODAT vision and bring renewed vitality to the group through fresh ideas on memberships, events and marketing from a professional corporate perspective. She is an accredited chartered professional in the mining industry, holding two degrees with honour’s from Curtin University