Committing to the Program

To avoid ambiguity when signing up to become a partner as to what to do next, a 4 step process has been created to guide new workplaces through the initiation process. The 4 Step process is also included in the Welcome Packs given to workplaces upon sign up.



    1. Make a personal commitment as CEO/Manager to communicate any information to EVERY employee in the workplace This can be done via:

     - Electronic means eg. Email and/or

     - Paper distribution eg. Newsletters.

    1. Assign an employee as a personal contact for the Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation of WA. This person will be relaying information from the Foundation to the employees. This role is often adopted by managers, someone from the Human Resource Department or Health Departments within an organisation.
    2. Announce and publicise your company’s contribution either through newsletters, notice boards or other means. Complete the registration form and return to the ODAT office either via email, post or fax.
    3. Start to facilitate the education of organ and tissue donation and transplant in your personalized choice of promotional related endeavors.

Options to educate employees:

   - Have  a message or logo at the bottom of employee pay slips

   - Include information in the company newsletter

   - Include an ODAT footer in emails and letters

   - Provide brochures and informational material in common employee spaces                such as administration offices and staff tea rooms

    - Allow us to educate staff with a presentation on organ and tissue donation and         transplant

    - Participate in fundraising activities such as free dress days or morning teas

Options to educate clients and customers:

    - Include a footer in emails and/or letters

    - Include information on sales receipts or billing statements (if applicable)

    - Provide brochures, organ donor registration forms and FAQ sheets in common           waiting areas

    - Include information on the company website