Workplace Fundraising

The Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation of WA are a small not-for-profit organisation who is reliant on funding from external sources. Although we occasionally may get government grants for specific events or programs, this does not allow for business expansion and the opportunity to branch out with any new ideas we may have. This is why we have decided to start reaching out to WA businesses to help our cause, as well as the WA community.


Here are some simple, small scale idea’s to get you started in your fundraising efforts (keeping in mind we are always open to new ideas!):


- Keeping a merchandise box (supplied by ODAT) in a client waiting area, or a             common staff area of the office.

- Hosting a morning tea which requires a donation to attend.

- Gold coin donation casual Fridays.

- Host an event on behalf of ODAT.

- Purchase advertising space in the quarterly ODAT newsletter.

- Sell entertainment books at your workplace or offer them to clients.

- Conduct an auction or silent auction on behalf of the foundation.

- Have a raffle at your workplace.

- Conduct a sporting event to help raise funds (walking, cycling, or anything else         creative!).

- Have a book fair to buy books provided by staff and sold as a donation.

- Become an ODAT member for $10 per year.





Good Luck and Happy Fundraising!