Workplace Giving

As a registered charity with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status - workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to the Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA

What is workplace giving?

Workplace Giving is the process of individuals making regular donations to charities through their workplace payroll system. Employees can nominate an amount to give from their salary each pay processing period – no matter how small, every little bit helps!. Employers may also choose to match employee donations or donate a specified amount themselves. Together, you and your employer can make a real difference in helping us achieve our vision for Western Australia to serve as a leader in the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, for the benefits of patients and society.

If you are an employer looking at starting a Workplace Giving Program, or have already commenced a Workplace Giving Program, we would be pleased to participate as a DGR with you.


Benefits for the Employer

  • Develop leadership, reputation and profile within the community
  • Boost employee morale and loyalty
  • Create close partnerships with a community organisation
  • Low cost and ease of administration
  • Be seen as an employer of choice and increase appeal to new employees

Benefits for the Employee

  • Donations made through a trustworthy and transparent program
  • Tax effective giving from pre tax dollars, with no need to collect receipts
  • Community involvement and confidence that donations are making a difference

Benefits for the Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA

  • Creation of new relationships
  • Stable funding providing longer term program planning
  • Lower administrative and fundraising costs
  • Potential to establish relationships with community minded organisations