Volunteers are the backbone of the Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA, without them, much of the work we do would not be possible.

Why volunteer with us

Community volunteers add diversity and first-hand knowledge to the skill set of ODAT and in return they have the opportunity to invest in and contribute to the WA community. All volunteers are trained and provided with an understanding of the vision, mission, purpose and values of The Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA, and to given the skills necessary to carry out their respective roles.

Organ and tissue donation is a community service, which saves lives, improves quality of life and has cost benefits for whole society. At a time when members of the public are looking for organisations to show leadership on important health and social issues, we ask you to consider becoming a volunteer with ODAT and help us to serve the WA community.

The time, talent and expertise offered by our volunteers are truly a vital resource and one which we value significantly.

Types of volunteering

We need support from community volunteers to carry out our work. ODAT currently has a range of volunteering opportunities available. These include;

 Development and fund raising

 Special events

 Marketing, public relations, and advertising

 IT & Web site design

 General administration

 Indigenous support and development

We also welcome volunteers from varied professional backgrounds to perform specialised skilled roles within our organisation